The Canetti International Violin Competition Program


I Round

1. J.S.Bach
Two parts from the sonatas for violin solo:
  • Ciciliana - Presto (from the sonata in g-moll ,BWV1001)
  • Andante -Allegro (from the sonata in a-moll ,BWV1003)
  • Largo - Allegro (from the sonata in C-dur ,BWV 1005)
    Parts from the partitas for violin solo:
  • Allemanda - Double or Corrente - Double (from the partita #1in h-moll ,BWV 1002 )
  • Allemande - Corrente or Sarabanda - Giga (from the partita #2 in d-moll , BWV 1004)
  • Preludio - Loure - Gavotte (from the partita #3 in E-dur, BWV 1006)

    2. N. Paganini
    One of the caprices op.1 for violin solo
  • H.Wieniavski
    One of the caprices op.18 for violin solo

    II Round.

    1. One virtuoso composition with piano or solo, free choice

    2. Ofer Canetti- "Mar'ot " for violin solo.

    Music notes will be sent by request, can be performed with music notes

    3. Choice of one of the romantic concertos (including L.v.Beethoven ) or 20 century concertos : 1st mov. or 2nd and 3rd mov.with cadenzas

    III Round.

    2. W.A.Mozart
  • Concerto in G Major KV 216 with cadenzas
  • Concerto in D Major KV 218 with cadenzas
  • Concerto in A Major KV 219 with cadenzas
    The III Round will be accompanied by orchestra

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    concerning your application.

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