The Canetti International Violin Competition Program

Portugal, 13.07-16.07.2003

I Round

1. J.S.Bach
Two parts from the sonatas for violin solo:
  • Ciciliana - Presto (from the sonata in g-moll ,BWV1001)
  • Andante -Allegro (from the sonata in a-moll ,BWV1003)
  • Largo - Allegro (from the sonata in C-dur ,BWV 1005)
    Parts from the partitas for violin solo:
  • Allemanda - Double or Corrente - Double (from the partita #1in h-moll ,BWV 1002 )
  • Allemande - Corrente or Sarabanda - Giga (from the partita #2 in d-moll , BWV 1004
  • Preludio - Loure - Gavotte (from the partita #3 in E-dur, BWV 1006

    2. N. Paganini
    One of the caprices op.1 for violin solo .

    II Round.

    1. W.A.Mozart
  • Concerto in G Major KV 216 with cadenzas
  • Concerto in D Major KV 218 with cadenzas
  • Concerto in A Major KV 219 with cadenzas

    2. One virtuoso composition with piano, free choice.

    3. F.Kreisler
    One composition(free choice)

    4. Contemporary work by an Israeli composer Prof. Ynam Leef (music will be sent in June 2003).

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    concerning your application.

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