Competition archive 2003

The Canetti International
Violin Competition

Cremona, Italy
Palazzo Cattaneo - Ala Ponzone
16 - 22 of July 2004

Congratulations for the winners 2004

A Category
GRAND PRIX - Matejak Petr (Czech Republic)
I PRIZE - Lopatina Vera(Russia)
II PRIZE -Ilina Ivanna (Russia)
Karasavvidis Charalambos (Greece)
III PRIZE -Pichlmair Johanna (Austria)
Young-Uk Kim (Korea)
Loustas Konstantinos (Greece)
IV PRIZE -Deniz Tahberer(Turkey)

B Category
I PRIZE - Sugimura Kana (Japan)
Kabashnaya Anna(Russia)
II PRIZE - Pirverdiev Timur (Russia)
III PRIZE - Semenova Dina (Russia)
IV PRIZE - Walters Roisin (Ireland)
V PRIZE - Kuo Chien Ching (Taiwan)
VI PRIZE - Thibault Noally (France)


Robert Canetti - chairman
Felix Andrievski - England
Thanh Bui Cong - Vietnam, Russia
Amayak Durgaryan - Spain
Erol Erding - Turkey
Vladislav Halapsis - Greece
Farhang Huseynov - Turkey
Julian Galant - England
Eduard Grach - Russia
Nana Jashvili - Germany
Vladimir Ivanov - Russia
Duysen Kasseinov - Kazakhstan
Eyal Kless - Ireland
Sung - Ju Lee - Korea
Aiman Musakhodzaeva - Kazakhstan
Jury Nasushkin - Spain
Ding Zhi Nuo - China
Attila Szabo - Austria
Constantine P. Carambelas-Sgourdas - Greece
Dirk R.G.Verelst - Belgium

B Category
1st Award - A diploma, 2500$ or a fine french bow (decision of The Canetti Foundation), Concert in The Canetti Festival,Hungary - Miskolc, July 2005

2nd Award - A diploma, 1500$ or a fine bow (decision of The Canetti Foundation)

3rd Award - A diploma, 500$

A Category
1st Award - A diploma, Special prize given by The Canetti Foundation, Concert in The Canetti Festival, Hungary - Miskolc, July 2005

2nd Award - A diploma, Special prize given by The Canetti Foundation

3rd Award - A diploma

Additional Prizes:
Special Prize of Maestro Canetti, The Canetti Foundation

Special Prize of The Maestro Foundation, Cremona, President Mrs.R. Rodman, Vice President J.Yakowb

Special Prize, 500$,for the best interpretation of the work by the Israeli composer Ami Maayani, given by Mr. Mandy Feigers,Israel Music Associates P.R.M.Ltd

Special Prize of Prof. Attila Szabo, Austria

Concerts in The Canetti Festival, Israel, 2005

Concerts in The Canetti Festival, Hungary - Miskolc, July 2004

Concerts in The Canetti Festival, Hungary - Miskolc, July 2005

Countries of partisipants 2004:
Italy, Russia, Belgium, Korea, France, Austria, Japan, Poland, Czech Republic, Taiwan, China, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain

Competition Rules:

The Canetti International Violin Competition will take place 16.07- 22 .07. 2004.

The aim of the Competition is to give talented
young violinists the opportunity to perform and be exposed.

The Competition will be divided into two categories:

A.ages 11-16 , born 01.01.1988 - 31.12.1993

B.ages 17-25 , born 01.01.1979 - 31.12.1987

The Competition includes two rounds.

The deadline for the submission of the applications is June 15th , 2004.

The contestans should send the applications to:"The Canetti Violin Competition" P.O.Box6290,Haifa, Israel, 31069

The contestans are due in the secretariat of The Canetti Competition on July(time will be announced),to be informed of the order of the performances,which will result by random draw (the address will be sent to the contestans).

The contestans will cover their traveling and accommodation costs. The CIVC may help in the hotel reservations.

The Canetti foundation reserves the right to record , videotape , release or broadcast any or all phases of the competition by any means (TV,CD,radio etc.), without having any obligations to the candidates.

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